Polio Eradication in Afghanistan: Challenges and Solutions

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Enayatullah Hayat
Ali Mohammad Mosadeghrad
Narges Neyazi


Polio eradication in Afghanistan presents a formidable challenge due to various factors such as prolonged conflicts, political instability, and cultural beliefs. Despite significant progress, the country still faces obstacles hindering the complete elimination of the disease. This article discusses the challenges and proposes solutions to overcome them. Strategies include community engagement, training of managers, combating corruption, strengthening surveillance systems, enhancing immunization coverage, fostering cross-border collaboration with Pakistan, employing female healthcare workers, and ensuring security for healthcare workers in conflict-affected regions. By addressing these challenges through concerted efforts, Afghanistan can move closer to achieving polio eradication.

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Hayat, E., Mosadeghrad , A. M., & Neyazi , N. (2024). Polio Eradication in Afghanistan: Challenges and Solutions. Afghanistan Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2(2), 109–110. https://doi.org/10.60141/AJID/V.2.I.2/12
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